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Solutions for the Future

          I have to say, Germany has one of the hardest ways of trying to deal with the future. This is due to one factor: debt. Germany has trillions of dollars of debt, and cannot do what they did after WW1, since printing that much money will lead to mass inflation until the Euro will not be worth that much. Other countries will not allow this and therefore they cannot try it. Also, Germany has cut budgets on welfare, and our endangering their potential elderly society. The only ways to try and take care of the elderly is to do the following actions:
  • The government can try to raise taxes, but that could lead to many strikes and revolts. A strike is the last thing Germany needs right now.
  • The taxes however could be only charged on certain industries or aspects, but that would lead to less trading. (ie. making tariffs on imports to Germany) -> This could lose a lot of business, and it would be risky.
  • The government could make programs, that ask for donations to build senior homes, that also provide food, shelter and water to help the elderly. With public advertising, that could be an option. If a program were to be made, many major capitals, such as Berlin, should execute it. Since there is a large dependency load (in the elderly), there are many families who would want to support this cause. If possible, they can take the program to other countries.
  • They can cut down on unnecessary spending, such as overusing electricity and wasting it. 
  • They can also use some money from their overall GDP, as they are recovering and later might be able to afford to do so once their debt is gone.
  • Let's hope that Germany can support the coming dependency load!

Fun Facts
  • A lot of Germany's elderly live in Berlin!
  • Christian Wulff should stop cutting welfare costs! (hope he does!)
From left to right: The German elderly; Berlin, hometown of many Elderly; Christian Wulff, president of Germany